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Personal Training is the #1, most effective and fastest way to to achieve your fitness goals! Our trainers can assess your current fitness levels, find out what you want to achieve, and develop a plan to get you there. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, gain strength, increase your conditioning, or tone your body, a personal trainer will get you where you want to be. 

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Partner Training is a great way for you and a friend to support one another as you take your fitness to the next level. Our trainers will create and coach you through a customized program to meet your shared fitness goal.  This will include partnered and individual drills, exercises, and challenges to make for an effective and exciting experience.

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Fitness, rest, and nutrition. I believe all three are necessary for a successful outcome. Too many people
depend on just going to the gym and that's not enough. Yes you need to work hard at the gym, but you also need to get enough sleep and eat the right nutritious foods. I am an ISSA certified personal trainer specializing in functional body movement. Most of what I do teaches you to work with your own bodyweight. Balance, stretching, hand eye coordination, agility and light weight training are what you can expect during my sessions - stressing primary importance on correct technique. My clients include everyone from competitive junior hockey players to seniors looking to prevent falls and gain extra strength. If you have a condition or situation that could benefit from physical training I would be happy to give you an assessment.
Very kind regards,

Tony White
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


My goal is to create a fun training environment where clients feel comfortable, learn, and thrive. I focus on functional training that builds strength and muscle. This means developing core strength, total body awareness, and practical movement patterns that translate to everyday life, hobbies and athletics. My clientele ranges from someone who can squat 400lbs to an 82yr old grandmother. Regardless of your goal I will develop a well thought out plan to get you there! 

Current Competitive Power Lifter | Former Jr. A Hockey Player

Jordan Boultbee
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


I have been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 10 years working with  variety of clients from beginners to seniors and athletes of all ages. Having a strength and conditioning program in our daily lives is invaluable. Activities like carrying groceries, picking up your children, walking up a flight of stairs can all be made easier through regular exercise. The ability to drive a golf ball, hit a home run, or skating circles around your opponents can all be improved through strength and conditioning.  Warming up your nervous system to improve your athletic fast twitch abilities for your sport or exercising for a healthy heart -

staying active helps us take care of ourselves. Come in and see me to start your evolution!


Bob Facca
ISSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


I am a passionate ISSA Personal Trainer of 4 years, Group fitness/Spinning instructor of 25 years, Specialist in Sports and Fitness Nutrition of 2 years, and proud team member of The Gym Eternal Penticton. I hold a Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree from University of Victoria, TEFL Diploma as an International Teacher, and Master’s Degree in Leadership and Administration from Gonzaga University. I bring 17 years of elementary school experience as a Teacher, Athletic  Coach, Vice-Principal, and Principal. I am happily married to my husband, fellow fitness trainer Tony White of Canyon House and Finnerty Vacation Homes and Fitness Wellness Retreats. My diverse expertise and experience in fitness, education, and leadership have equipped me with solid skills for fostering physical literacy, social emotional health, and resiliency in others through relationships, coaching, and self-empowerment workshops. I am committed to working with clients wishing to make fitness apart of their daily lifestyle by striving for excellence in their health and wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Lisa McCall
ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer | ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition


I have always lived an active lifestyle.  Growing up as a competitive show jumper I found myself training as an athlete at an early age.  My ability to set strong yet realistic goals combined with my competitive edge lead me to hire my first trainer and successfully compete in Figure and Bikini competitions. My love for weight training lead me to take my own career as a Personal Trainer and I have been working within the industry since 2009.  During that time I've completed a Nutrition Diploma specializing in Sports and Fitness Nutrition. I strongly believe that physical fitness begins with a healthy mind set and a genuine motivation. I will develop a progressive program that considers your current barriers and will get you to the lifestyle goals you desire.  I am passionate about constant goal setting and growth. As your personal trainer I believe in a balanced lifestyle and that your goal becomes my goal. I use my experience to support my clients with nutritional guidance through clean, balanced eating habits and education. Fitness should be FUN as well as challenging; it should bring positive change not only your physical appearance but all aspects of your life.  


Nicole VanDyck

BCRPA Registered Personal Trainer | Applied Nutrition Diploma Specializing in Sports and Fitness

BCABBA Figure/Bikini Competitor


1100 Main St. Penticton, BC

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